La sélection vidéos de la semaine

Tous les vendredis, Actualités Voyages vous propose sa sélection vidéos de la semaine écoulée.
Une compilation de news officielles mais, aussi de drôleries, des vidéos blogs, des présentations de promotions touristiques en tous genres, de nouvelles start up, des applications mobiles … bref en quelques clics, un résumé visuel de la semaine.
Alors prenez rendez-vous avec nous, tous les vendredis à 20h00, pour une découverte tout en images.

Compagnies aériennes

Discover Helsinki with the Qatar Airways Cabin Crew

New Emirates commercial with Jennifer Aniston bloopers | Emirates

Meeting the Emirates team on the new Jennifer Aniston commercial | Emirates

Qantas, Explore Bangkok

Qantas, Explore Singapore

China Airlines A350

City Church bells, SAS – Scandinavian Airlines

Meet Dave – our newest frequent flyer. With Air New Zealand, he’s just discovered a better way to fly to North and South America from Melbourne. As you’ll see, flying comes very naturally to Dave. #BetterWayToFly

#BetterWayToFly from Melbourne Air New Zealand

Application Mobile

Download the new KLM Media App. This app enables passengers to access a range of international newspapers on their smartphone or tablet. With the KLM Media App, passengers can download newspapers from 24 hours prior to departure. KLM is offering a choice of thirteen newspapers to launch the KLM Media App: Le Monde, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Die Welt, El Pais, De Telegraaf, China News Weekly, International New York Times, Financial Times, China Times, Financieele Dagblad, Volkskrant and Trouw. KLM’s own inflight magazine, Holland Herald, is also available in the App. More papers and magazines will be added in future.

KLM Media App, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Transport aérien

When the 737 MAX took flight above the open fields of Glasgow, Mont., last month, Boeing engineers and technicians were all ears. That’s because they were listening to and recording every decibel of sound through microphones to certify that the MAX meets federal and international noise regulations. The new 737 MAX is designed to be 40% quieter than today’s 737.

Shhh… Boeing’s New 737 MAX Redefines a Quiet Airplane

At United, we aim to minimize the environmental impacts associated with our operations and are continuously looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint in the air, on the ground and at our facilities. Relan shares the Eco-skies commitment to sustainability, which is why we chose to partner with them to help mitigate our waste product.

United – Eco-skies Transforms Billboards into Travel Gear


For a city of incomparable beauty, Florence, Italy is a treasure. Zoom through the waterways of Florence on this 360 boat tour for a taste of a truly special place.

360 In | Harmony of the Seas | Florence, Royal Caribbean International


Where in the world do you feel at home? What makes you feel like you belong there? In our current story #inspiredby HEIMWEH* we explore the notion of belonging and how travel experiences can shape our own identity. The film features the Inoue brothers Kiyoshi and Satoru on their personal journey, traveling to the place they call home. For more, go to

The Inoue brothers, who grew up in Denmark, have always felt more connected to the country of their parents. It is their fascination with the relationship between humans and nature that leads them back to Japan and ultimately to a clearer sense of their identity.

We follow them to Yakushima and Kagoshima. Here, they visit Sakurijama, the mystical volcano of their father’s bedtime stories. They subsequently launch an artisan ceramics line using volcanic ashes. Find out how exploring their family’s origins helps them reconnect with their heritage and how they revive the memories of their late father.

#inspiredby HEIMWEH Japan: Volcano of Our Childhood | Lufthansa

Promotion destination

Zwitserse skileraren hebben genoten van een heerlijk zomers weekend in Amsterdam. Maar nu de eerste sneeuw is gevallen in Zwitserland, kunnen ze niet wachten om terug te gaan naar de bergen en de Nederlanders weer te begroeten op de prachtige Zwitserse skipistes! ‘Uf wiederluege mitenand’!!

Zwitserse skileraren in Amsterdam


À la rencontre des ÉLANS : ONTARIO, Parc Algonquin

Corse, « Le GR20 à DEUX » est une websérie retraçant le parcours par deux amis Rémi et Youri.
Ils ont traversé la Corse en 8 jours, suivant le GR20, un des sentiers les plus connus et plus dangereux d’Europe.

Le GR20 à deux Teaser


It’s my Party in Paradise! (Sailing La Vagabonde)


Currently, Air Koryo is the only 1 star airline on Skytrax. I want to review their flight to see are they really the worst airline in the world?
Business Class Review of Air Koryo Tu-204 from Beijing to Pyongyang

Is Air Koryo really 1 Star Worst Airline? Business Class Review Beijing to Pyongyang Tu-204

Kids try airline lunches from the past century from what Charles Lindberg and Amelia Earhart brought with them to the lavish meals of the 50s and 60s and the healthier options of today.

Kids Try 100 Years of Airline Food | Bon Appetit

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