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Aviation Tour of the DPRK, May 2016

Following on from our hugely successful DPRK aviation tour of 2015, we are delighted to be offering something truly ground-breaking to follow up. We are partnering with our friends at at Merlintour in Belarus to offer a real treasure trove of aviation exotica for keen enthusiasts, with the possibility of combining both countries in one tour and linking the two via international flights to/from Beijing.

A huge range of aircraft will be on offer to fly, ranging from classic Soviet-era propeller, jet aircraft and helicopters, up to the latest generation Russian and Ukrainian passenger jet types.

In order to satisfy as many customers as possible, tour and flying options will be available to book on an ‘a la carte’ basis, meaning customers can personalise their tour choices to precisely suit their wishes, in line with time and budget requirements:

Belarus tour only, via MSQ;
DPRK tour only, via PEK;
Belarus and DPRK tours combined together, via Aeroflot / LOT Polish Airlines to PEK;

Flying Opportunities in Belarus

Antonov An-12 / Antonov An-26 / Antonov An-2 / Let L-140 / Mil Mi-2

Flying Opportunities in the DPRK

Antonov An-24 / Antonov An-148 / Ilyushin IL-18 / Ilyushin IL-62 / Ilyushin IL-76 / Mil Mi-17 /

Tupolev Tu-134 / Tupolev Tu-154 / Tupolev Tu-204


Belarus: Friday 6th May to Sunday 8th May 2016 (2 nights)
DPRK: Monday 9th May 2016 to Friday 13th May 2016 (4 nights)

Itinerary and Prices

For the full itinerary combining Belarus and the DPRK, including price structure, please click here http://www.juchetravelservices.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/BELARUS-DPRK-FINAL-ITINERARY-MAY-2016.pdf

For those wishing to take just the DPRK aviation tour via Beijing (without the Belarus tour or the Belavia TU-154 charter flight), for the full itinerary and price structure please click here http://www.juchetravelservices.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/DPRK-ONLY-FINAL-ITINERARY-MAY-2016.pdf

How to Apply

Please send us an email to info@juchetravelservices.com attaching the following items:

1) Completed aviation tour application form .

2) Scanned colour copy of your passport photo ID page (black and white not accepted);

3) Scanned colour copy of a separate passport photo (black and white not accepted).

We will acknowledge receipt of your application and inform you of the next steps.


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